10 Largest Anime Conventions in America

As undoubted lovers of Japanese culture is a must to assist to an anime convention in our life and because we have to agree that a trip to Japan to the Comiket which is the largest anime convention in the world it is quite hard perhaps no for an otaku level god thus we have made a list with the top 10 largest conventions that are now in America, each convention means something unique and maybe some of the ones in this list are close to you or in the upcoming days, you are planning to go to one of these ones and enjoy all the activities of a great anime convention: panels, conferences, cosplay etc. So, we have made a list of the largest anime conventions in the US by the number of attendees who entered the event, we have added some interest data like the number of attendees, a range of the ticket prices for the conventions, when and where the event is held etc.

10. Anime NYC

Is a new convention, it was held for the first time in 2017 and just in its first year has become the 10th largest convention in the USA and 12th in North America, it takes place in November at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center during three days.

Attendees: 20,000

Price: from 65 to 295 $, 65 $ is for a normal weekend ticket with admission and 295 $ is the mega ticket which of course has many more privileges, there also exist day tickets from 40 to 50 bucks

Place: New York

9. Youmacon

Inaugurated in 2005 is a convention of four days that take place around the end October beginning of November

Attendees: 22,142

Price: from 60$  to 155$, if you get your registration early then it can cost 60 dollars later on 65, and there is the platinum option for 155 dollars

Place: Detroit, Michigan

8. Otakon

One of the most famous conventions, it is held between July and August and is expected that next year (2019) will be held in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Inaugurated in 1994 is one of the conventions with more years being held in the US.

Attendees: 24,894

Price: up to 100 $

Place: Washington D.C.

7. Sakura-con

Held at the Washington State Convention Center was inaugurated in 1998. It is a three-day convention that can take place either in March or April.

Attendees: 25,000

Price: from 50 $ to 80 $, getting the registration early means to get at the price of 50 dollars and increase like 5 per month and then if you buy it at the door would be 80 dollars

Place: Seattle, Washington

6. Anime Boston

As the name implies is a convention held in Boston at the Hynes Convention Center made for the first time in 2003 is nowadays a three-day event that takes place in spring mainly on the month of March and April.

Attendees: 25,848

Price: from 65$ to 80$, an early registration can be at 65 dollars and later on the price can be increased by 5 dollars till it is the case of buying it at the convention in which it will cost 80$.

Place: Boston, Massachusetts

5. Anime Central

Held in Hyatt Regency O’Hare & Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, was inaugurated in 1998 and takes place in the middle of May for three days.

Attendees: 30,221

Price: 48$ to 70$, this prices are mainly for people above 13 years old and is for early ticket 48 and increasing till the last two month before the event at 70 dollars.

Place: Rosemont, Illinois

4. Anime Weekend Atlanta

Takes place in Atlanta, of course, is a four-day convention made for the first time in 1995 the convention usually is on September almost at the end but has also been made in October mainly on the first years.


Price: up to 100 $

Place:  Atlanta, Georgia

3. A-Kon

Occurs usually the first week of June and the last years at the Fort Worth Convention Center for three days, it is the longest running anime convention with the first time to be made on 1990.

Attendees: 33,102

Price: 55 $

Place: Fort Worth, Texas

2. Anime Matsuri

It takes place in spring (March-April although the next year 2019 it is supposed to be in June) for three days at George R. Brown Convention Center the first convention was made in 2007, the name matsuri is the Japanese word for festival especially the traditional Japanese festivals.

Attendees: 36,270

Price: from 60$ to 180$, 60 dollars will be the normal pass and 180 would be a super pass with more benefits priority seating, exclusive bags etc.

Place: Houston, Texas

1. Anime Expo

Is by far the largest Anime Convention in the country and in North America, was inaugurated in 1992 so can be considered as one of the longest running conventions in the US. It is made mainly in the first week of July, for four days at Los Angeles Convention Center.

Attendees: 107,658

Price: around 80$

Place: Los Angeles, California

These are the 10 largest anime conventions in the USA, and by the way, if you are wondering how much attendees are to the Comiket last year 2017 was around 530,000 people is by far the largest anime convention in the world and is the first one.

Anime conventions can become amazing experiences, here we can offer you some items to be prepared for your next one. Plus if you want to read more from our blog you are welcome

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