Best and Worst Anime Songs

Anime songs are dynamic and enthralling. Regardless of if they are catchy or not, anime lovers must admit that they pull you into a whole new world. The most exciting thing about some great anime songs is that they are created to always embody the story. Sometimes, the music determines the prints left in our hearts and heads from watching a specific anime.

So, if you are an anime song lover or an offender who always skips through the music, here is a countdown you want to be informed about.

Best Anime Songs

We will start by reviewing the best anime songs. Please note that this countdown contains opening theme songs and we have taken special care to ensure that we have one theme per series. Some series have several great themes and it’s so difficult to choose but here goes.



  1. Pokemon, “Gotta catch ‘em all” by Jason Paige

Yes, this is a dubbed song but we cannot undermine just how great it is. This anime song pulls several worlds together and is as catchy as they come “gotta catch ‘em all!”.



  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, “Again”

Again is one of the most popular anime songs. It is even more special because it comes with the exciting series, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. We love the way it reaches to our hearts and displays images of the series at its best.



  1. Attack on Titan: “Guren no yumiya.”

This song deserves to be an icon on any countdown. Guren no yumiya engages its audience in a pure, energetic music that connects you to the concept of the story immediately.


Honorable mentions- Cowboy Bebop, “Tank” and Naruto, “Sign”

Worst Anime Songs

While we are appreciating the best anime songs of our time, we also have to recognize the worst. If you are not careful you can put anime lovers off with high pitched voices, messy vocals, and visuals.

  1. Kill me baby – Opening theme song

A lot of things are wrong here. Starting with the out of sync, fast beat and then the high pitched voices…it’s a no!




  1. Squid Girl, “Shinryaku no susume 

This anime song is as high pitched as they come. It’s unfriendly to the ears and you are encouraged to skip to your heart’s content.



  1. Lucky Star- Opening theme song 1

Generally, there were a lot of bad songs in this series. The opening theme manages to stand out as the worst of them all and our number one on this countdown. Nothing was organized here and it felt like pure torture listening to this opening song.


Honorable Mentions: Gundam Seed Destiny, “Wings of Words” and Tokyo Ghoul, “Incompetence”

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