Dragon Ball GT vs Dragon Ball Super

The Dragon Ball franchise is one the most popular anime series throughout the world, it would be extremely difficult to find someone (even amongst those who don’t watch anime) who has not heard of the show even vaguely. That is the superstar level of this anime which has defined classic anime for a whole generation of fans. As with anything of this level you will find the most devoted fans who have grown up with the anime and are fiercely loyal to it, with this loyalty also comes a very strong opinion on every step the anime has taken over the years

Dragon Ball

Therefore, it is only natural that they would have a strong reaction to the non-canon sequel to their beloved show Dragon Ball Z. This show was none other than Dragon Ball GT and it is safe to say that this is one of those shows that fans absolutely love and hate at the same time! So, you would think that when the studio finally released an official canon storyline to Dragon Ball Z, that it would get the fandom to unite in mutual joy and satisfaction but there seems to be a problem here too. To understand this matter well let us discuss the feeling of the fans towards each installment in a little bit more detail.

Dragon Ball GT

Dragon ball GT (Grand Touring) is the Japanese anime series based of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z manga and anime show. By the end of Dragon Ball Z Toriyama was creatively burnt out but the fires lit in the hearts of the fans were still burning strong and there was great momentum to capitalize on, with the blessings of Toriyama and minimal involvement on his part (except for the name ‘GT) Toei Animation  staff began working on a non-canon sequel based off the characters and storylines from the previous installments.

The most common reason that Dragon Ball GT frustrated fans was an extremely important plot decision which affected the entire show from episode 1, and that was the decision to revert Goku back to a younger, less powerful and somewhat nerfed version of himself. This was a major problem for a certain group of fans, for those who grew up watching Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball z, this decision made them feel as though everything they had been through with Goku, everything they had watched him accomplish was utterly pointless. This is quite understandable because many expected Dragon Ball GT to be a continuation of the story and making Goku young again was Toei Animations way of banking on the success of Dragon Ball Z without taking too many risks in the storyline without the guidance of Toriyama, they essentially wanted to recreate the success of the initial Dragon ball and not risk a brand new storyline.

However, not all fans reacted badly to kid Goku, in fact, many fans came to the defense of this decision and said that it made them love Goku even more, it made them appreciate adult Goku and grow even more fond of him. Those who could not imagine their lives without Dragon Ball Z welcomed this story in whatever shape and form just to be able to spend more time with their favorite characters! It’s true that Kid Goku was not a bad character personality-wise and many enjoyed his fun character.

It is rather difficult to build on the success of a series without the original creator and this is true for Dragon Ball GT as well! The story is riddled with plot holes, power scale problems (Why was Android 17 so powerful?) and below average character design and edits (Vegeta’s mustache & hair was not received well). The story of GT created the opportunity for them to create fantastic new characters because they were now touring the universe but the result of this of fell below par of what fans were expecting. However, there were some characters even the really critical fans loved such as Ice Shenron, Nuova Shenron, Omega Shenron & last but certainly not least Bebi.

Bebi was a complex character, with a great backstory and perfect motivation for his actions, the Bebi saga was a crowd favorite and few can find faults in this concept so it stands strong as one of the redeeming points of GT. Another winning point of Dragon Ball GT was its ability to take filler material and give it new life, this was a perfect recipe for jogging up nostalgia and expanding work that many fans already loved! Fans also loved the introduction of Super Saiyan 4 as well as the Golden Uzaru episode which some feel was so good it should have been canon especially since it was built of Vegeta’s premonition of the Super Saiyan! There are far more positive and negative characteristics to Dragon Ball GT, however for the sake of this article lets move on to talk about the most recent installment of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super! The much-awaited canon storyline

Dragon Ball Super

The announcement of Dragon Ball Super sent a wave of excitement throughout its large fandom, a much-awaited canon storyline which was based in a time between the Majin Buu incident and before the end of Dragon Ball Z.

The response of fans were undeniably amazing as Dragon Ball Super was able to truly capture the essence of Dragon Ball Z, the fight and the characters are all on the same level of development and intensity and it can be said that this show has been able to deliver far better justice to Dragon Ball Z fans were not happy about GT. The recent events of the tournament of power received rave reviews and this is mainly because the stakes are high and we can see adult Goku again, un-nerfed in all his glory. That said there are still a few things that the really critical fans can complain about such as the animation of the first two arcs are below average and as well as the fact that they are pretty much the same story as the past two movies, in that sense it is better to skip these arcs and start at the tournament of power but most fans enjoyed every bit of Dragon Ball Super!

There are mixed reviews about the fight animations as some feel they are good and others argue that they do not live up to the standard of Dragon Ball Z, accusations are thrust at the character personalities such as the claim that Vegeta has even more of his personality dimmed and that overall the clever writing and wit from Dragon Ball Z seems to have dwindled over the years. There are also complaints about the power levels and the plot decision to make future Trunks sword even more powerful than Vegeta at a point.

While all these questions are far from baseless, Dragon Ball Super also has many positive sentiments going for it, if you are a Dragon Ball Z fan it is highly like you will appreciate this new series, it is an awesome chance to relive your childhood and enjoy some old school fight scenes. The series is a must watch for any fan as it has been able to successfully capture the ‘epicness’ of Dragon Ball Z and the Comedy from the original Dragon Ball. Whichever series you like or dislike its important to note that with any series that has gone on for this long, where its fans have grown up with it, there will be some among those fans who begin to notice the flaws and plot holes that would have existed even in the original series, but perhaps the original seems so great and untouchable to those of us that watched it a time where it left such a large impact on us, one that no other retelling will ever truly be able to top!

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