Goblin Slayer

Once in a while, an anime will come around that won’t receive as much love from fans, and that’s totally fine and normal. Not all shows build dedicated fans from the first episode but not many anime shows can make you choose a side with just the first episode. At this point, you either love it and you are going to binge it or you hate it and don’t want anything to do with it! That’s the usual reaction except when it comes to Goblin Slayer, people seem to either love it or think that it shouldn’t even exist! Pretty extreme right?

Perhaps the reason why some feel so strongly about this is show so early on is because of its very dark and graphic nature, it displays a lot of violence and aggression which right off the bat will put some people off, however, Goblin Slayer goes a step further and adds sexual assault into the mix as well. A disclaimer, you probably should stay away from this anime series if you don’t want to see any of the above being depicted, but I believe this is one of the main reasons why people hate the show to an extent where they believe it shouldn’t exist.

It is pretty clear from this scene that they really want you to hare the Goblins guts but as the story progresses they’re considered as a very one-dimensional enemy and there is not much character development directed towards them throughout the rest of the series. The Goblins go on to become a background enemy and don’t really do anything ‘spectacular’ after the first episode, even though they are set up to be these terrifying creatures

Goblin Slayer is definitely a dark fantasy anime that has chosen a darker path to the usual mainstream route but that doesn’t mean that other fantasy animes such as Konosuba and Re-Zero are light-hearted though. However, the tone of the first episode does not carry through to the rest of the series and the goblins somewhat deflate from this intimidating enemy to just a fumbling joke.

Even though the series can be considered dark and edgy, its still noticeable that some of the scenes have been watered down from what they might have been like in the manga and considered the tone set in the first episode does not follow through, one can only imagine if the uproar the internet made about the first episode played a role in this seeming censorship?

Goblin slayer is definitely one of those animes you either love or hate form the very first episode and even though it is slightly darker than your usual fantasy anime, it does succeed in getting the message across. The show does lack in depth and character development for the goblins, fleshing out an anime makes them more interesting instead of just a generic enemy. It is highly commendable that the Goblin Slayer is not an overpowered character and chooses to strategize and outwit the goblins as well, however, the strategies are all not so clever and the goblins aren’t the brightest either.

Even though the Goblin Slayer is quite bland in terms of personality and only replies with very few words, the show uses him effectively and he does receive some development towards the last episodes of the series, which are actually quite wholesome and tie everything in together!

If you can stomach the harsher sequences that take place in this anime it may be worth a watch, although the main character, Goblin Slayer, is probably the only memorable one and is unfortunately surrounded by mediocre characters. Even Still, a season 2 has been announced and we will be looking forward to what this show can cook up for us next!


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