We always have big expectations when our favorite mangas have an anime adaptation, would it be good enough or it will crash, there is a lot of excitement when we wait for it as otakus we would like all our mangas to have an anime series and that the anime be at the level. Below you’ll find a list of mangas that we think would be great to have an anime adaptation, with some you might agree but also if you think on one we might forget put it on the comments.

7 Seeds

7 Seeds is a masterpiece by the renowned Tamura Yumi and its story is about mankind seeking to reinvigorate itself after a meteor strike. Through the Seven Seeds Project, world leaders seek to use technology to avert the calamity caused by the natural disaster. These leaders are tasked with preserving a few people by freezing them in various regions on the planet to guarantee the prosperity of humanity after the disaster. Years later, the frozen individuals from Japan wake up, only to find themselves on a planet they know not of.


This popular seinen manga by Takehiko Inoue discusses the life and struggles of Shinmen Takezou, a respected warrior and amazing swordsman. Inoue explores Takezou’s vulnerable days before his rise to a renowned warrior and his controversial exploits. The manga is really captivating due to its awesome action scenes and a unique yet beautiful and realistic art style that makes it feel more traditional. Why the lack of an anime adaptation? Having won many accolades, it is possible that creators find its remarkable artwork an obstacle to depicting it in its true form. As a fan, however, I hope that someone will take the risk as it is worth it.


This is another work by Takehiko Inoue that is more realistic and suitable for turning into an anime adaptation when compared to Vagabond. Real highlights the transformation of its characters into mature and responsible people, who use basketball to guide them in this transformation. As a story that focuses on the role of sport on the psychology of young people, it is powerful and has the ability to positively impact the society.

Onanie Master Kurosawa (Masturbation Master Kurosawa)

This manga highlights the life of Kakeru Kurosawa, a naive, lonely, and antisocial high school student who masks these personality issues under the pretext of being a masturbation master. Therefore, the manga not only focuses on the erotic nature of the student but also on his social behavior and interaction with others. It is a great manga, which if adopted into an anime, would make a great story highlighting how the character’s personality develops in his interaction with others.

Perfect World

Perfect World is a great manga that is worth an anime adaptation as it resonates with some of the challenges that the physically challenged face in their day to day activities. The manga depicts the struggles that disabled people face and whether there are people willing to take care of the disabled. As such, it highlights the psychological burden on the disabled and their families. It is a manga worth adapting.

Majo no Biyaku

Majo no Biyaku (Spell of Desire) is an interesting manga whose main character is Kaoruko Mochizuki, a young woman living a simple and peaceful life selling herbs in a small secluded village. However, in the midst of her simple and comfortable life, she receives a cryptic visitor – Kaname Hibiki – who informs her that she is a witch and needs protection if she is to continue living. As such, it kicks a storyline of good vs evil witches and it would be an interesting anime adaptation.

Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan (Our Happy Time)

This manga by Yumeka Sumomo has an emotional yet captivating storyline that incorporates the themes of bitterness, injustice, pain, love, and kindness. It highlights how life is so unpredictable that it would be almost impossible to plan how it would pan out. As such, it is a very interesting read that would emotionally captivate the audience.

Oyasumi Punpun (Goodnight Punpun)

Inio Asano’s creativity and especially in the visual depiction of the characters makes it an interesting read that would make a great anime adaptation. The main character, Punpun goes through the various stages of life like coming of age, finding love, betrayal, and having to deal with reality. With his family, it is an interesting book that helps highlight the struggles and mental challenges that people face in society.

Joo no Hana (The Queen’s Flower)

The Queen’s Flower is an interesting manga with a strong heroine character, who is bold and likable. It is a love story about two people from different classes and which is not traditionally acceptable. A young princess by the name Aki falls in love with her slave, Hakusei, which causes significant political tension in the country. Although the two enjoy their romance, their actions cause chaos in the country. This storyline is very interesting and would be a great anime adaptation.

Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi

Fuyu Kumaoka deviates from the normal storyline about heroines who are either aggressive or dumb. Instead, the author focuses on how a diligent and obedient class president by the name Nanase Sakashita meets a negligent student, Hana-kun, and how their friendship blossoms even though their actions and personality are different.

Pokemon Adventures

The co-creator of this manga, Tajiri Satoshi, creates a manga that represents a world that is defined by games. The storyline of the Pokemon game influences the manga, allowing it to follow the structure of the game. As such, it is suited more to gamers while its action scenes would form an amazing part of an anime adaptation.


This is a comedy about Yotsuba, a five-year-old, who is trying to understand the world. Its author, Azuma Kiyohiko, wrote this coming-of-age story with a comedy twist to highlight the growth process. Although certain critics state that it is not suited for an animation, it is similar to Chibi Maruko-chan since it discusses of the life of a little girl, her friends, and family and how they relate with each other.


This is another manga that should be adapted into anime and it tells a story about a problem solver – Yoshina Ageha – who is available for hire. Ageha receives a call at a pay phone where he gets a business card that has Psyren written on it. He is able to unravel the mystery and realizes that the future is riddled with chaos and people who have psychokinesis abilities. As such, he has to save the world. Due to the unique characters and the exciting storyline of the manga, it has great potential for a successful anime adaptation. It worth the adaptation.


Otoyomegatari, which translates to ‘A Bride’s Story,’ is set in 19th Century Central Asia and it highlights the interaction of various traditions and cultures. At the core of this narrative is Amir, a beautiful 20-year old bride-to-be who is sent to a different village to marry a boy who is seven years her junior. This was a normal custom and how it interesting would it be to see how these customs, traditions, and cultures interact on the screen?

Hoshi no Samidare (Lucifer and Biscuit)

This manga documents the life of Amemiya Yuuhi, who is a college student whose goal is to finish school and start a career as a salaryman. However, his goals and ambitions come to a halt when a talking lizard seeks him to save the world from an evil magician bent on destroying the world using a biscuit hammer. Although he was reluctant at first, the news that he would meet a princess motivates him. However, the motivation turns sour when he learns that she seeks to save the world so she could destroy it. The manga is interesting especially due to the beautiful character designs that would help make it an interesting anime adaptation, especially due to its drama plot.


Kano Yasuhiro’s manga is of a young boy, Kuzumi Taiga, who goes to a school that teaches magic but due to his desire to concur the world using the magical powers, he is forbidden from using them. His classmates, however, see him as a grand wizard and want for him to maintain it. The manga’s characters are relatable as are the consequences of their actions. In addition, Yasuhiro uses simple yet unique costume designs thereby making it a manga that can be easily adapted into an anime.

Billy Bat

The Japanese manga by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki talks about Kevin Yamagata, who draws a detective series known as Billy Bat. However, he realizes that he had unknowingly copied the character from Japan, and as such, he returns to the country to seek permission to use it. However, on his arrival, he gets involved in a series of problems like murder, prophecy, and cover-ups. In addition, he realizes that holding the Bat gives him the authority to rule the world. It is an interesting manga that should be adapted into an anime.


This manga provides a realistic depiction of how an arrogant young cook has to deal with the real world. It depicts how the harsh reality of the world taught this arrogant man a life lesson he would come to appreciate. It is a very interesting culinary manga that should be adapted into an anime.

Alive: The Final Evolution

The manga’s storyline written by Tadashi Kawashima discusses how a teenage student’s life in Japan is dramatically changed after some immortal aliens fly towards Earth to die. However, considering that they require bodies to die, they seek people to commit suicide and since the teenage boy, Taisuke Kanou, seeks to preserve his life and that of his friends, he swears to protect them. It begins an interesting tale of how one boy goes to great length to save his family and friends. It is an interesting anime that should be adapted.


Although the manga was finished almost a decade ago, it is an interesting coastal lifeguard manga. It is really captivating and depicts the life of Hyogo Kanbayashi, a young man trying to work his way up to the elite lifeguard team referred to as Tokkyuu. It would make for a really interesting anime adaptation.

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3 thoughts on “Top 20 Manga that need an Anime Adaptation

  1. danidanfm says:

    i can agree on those that i have read, which include:
    7 seeds, vagabond, yotsuba, otoyomegatari, lucifer and the biscuit hammer.
    though i have to say the description of lucifer and the biscuit hammer feels quite off.
    my picks would be lucifer and vagabond

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