Although is up to everyone’s own choice, what to like or not, here is a list ofanimes that maybe you should avoid to watch and the reason why; if you think about one that others should not watch please write it in the comments and the reason why, it would be interesting to know

Seikon no Qwaser 

The anime has lots of violence in its plot while its characters (female) derive their powers from sucking breasts. It is a really disturbing anime with poor moral being at the center of the plot. 

My First Girlfriend is a Gal 

This is one of the animes that I would recommend people to avoid. It is not that it is about the sexual orientation or sexual relations but rather its poor jokes, comedy and the dialogue between the characters. 

It is less interesting and its Ecchi has been copied thus it lacks originality. As such, it should be avoided. 

Love Tyrant 

It is one of the worst anime series produced in 2017 given its poor writing and lack of originality. It is similar to Death Note, hence it lacks originality, and the main character’s abilities entail writing an individual’s name in a kiss note thereby making them fall in love with him. 

Although it is a parody series, the characters fail to execute its intentions hence it does not meet the cut. 

Beyond the Boundary 

The plot and capability of the characters in the anime are not well worked out, as is the storyline. The lady character uses her blood to wield a sword and the action depicted in the scenes is miserable. In addition, the timing of the action scenes is poorly planned making the anime distasteful. 


It is one of the worst animes done and especially due to the level of violence highlighted in the various scenes. One appalling incident in the anime is the rape scene depicted in the first couple of episodes. The shocking level of violence is immense and too much to bear. Besides, even without the violence, the anime lacks a proper plot and storyline thereby not that interesting. 


This anime’s plot is about twin sisters – Ako and Riko – who lust for a sexual relationship with their step brother – Keita. It has a lot of ecchi scenes thereby not so attractive. Similarly, the use of twin sisters to have an unlawful sexual relation highlights or reflects issues regarding the maturity of the show. 

I have whatched many of these animes and cannot said are entertaining but there are plenty of other animes that can surpass these ones.

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